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Stainless steel material features

300 series stainless steel main purpose:  In general, the people’s livelihood, for examples:  kitchen tableware, building, medical sanitation equipment, food processing material, conveyance, chemical industry equipment pipe-work, machine equipment & parts.  In the eyes of everyman, so-called stainless steel is 300 series stainless steel etc., ( Especially, it is 304 stainless steel), it is excellent resist-sour-alkali, resist-high temperature, resist erode,

rugged durable, 304 stainless steel, the standard component are 18 % chromium and

8 % nickel, that is 18-8 stainless steel in general name, the stainless steel of feature is

non-magnetic, it is unable to change to metallurgical organization construction by heat treatment, fine processing, because alloy element is nickel, so resist erode is better than chromium ( exclude nickel) of other’s two kinds of stainless steel.

    Clean environmental adjustable chopsticks feature introduction,

     use and maintenance method.

A. Appearance

Clean environmental adjustable chopsticks has unique beautiful appearance, high quality durable aluminum magnesium alloy carry box, as like as lipstick of sizes to let you by carrying convenience.

B . Body

 1. To increase friction,

    designing a thread at the

    head.  The food is not easy

    for falling off.

   2. Adjustable patent single body, you don’t need combination, easy to use, it is convenient to you 

      for storage and carry.

  3. Unique fix button, it will not shrink by the pressure when touch the articles.

  4. At the rear area has a outlet design when you wash, it has not bring about a peculiar smell. 


  C.  Maintenance and clean method

The stainless steel is a perpetual products, ordinarily you washed the chopsticks of greasy dirt in hot water, then wash it by a bristle brush, it will be become a bright chopsticks.  If the water have an iron mineral, the surface will be a rust spot, which is not the stainless steel in itself of problem, please use lemon to clean.

  D.  A method of use

  1. Please give a light pull at the location.

   2.Drying up it when you finished up the use, please press the location button to pull from inner by hand.

The products with 304 stainless steel of chopsticks,

it will be a tight situation for the first time of use,

that is normal condition.

 This product has already passed the title to patent of Taiwan.

 (new-type No. M300079)

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